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Al Jazeera America
May 3, 2014 6:00pm EDT
ukrainian soldiers and pro-russia separatists. vehicles and tires have become makeshift barricades set alight to try to keep the government troops at bay. >> translator: there are a lot of victims from both sides, from the civilians and the fighters at the checkpoint. people are simply going to work were injured. there were a lot of injured and a lot of dead. they were shooting at buildings from the tanks for about half an hour. >> a stockpile of petrol bombs was on hand to throw at soldiers who came near. it didn't stop the advance of armored vehicles nor did the angry chant did of residents. checkpoints are now controlling traffic in and out. but not all traffic has been halted. after eight days in captivity, a convoy carrying a team of osce observers did make it through. they embraced freedom with an over powering sense of relief. a carefully coregraved happenedover. >> you can't imagine. it's happiness, deep relief. the situation was really tough the last two nights as we saw the situation developing every minute gets longer. and finally, with the cooperation of all of the key pla
May 3, 2014 5:30am PDT
of people have been killed in violent street battles between supporters and opponents of russia in southern ukraine. we have the very latest from outside the white house this morning. she joins us now. good morning. >> jenna, good morning you to. the crisis in ukraine is growing worse by the day. friday was the deadliest in months. officials in the black seaport city of odesa tell nbc news that 42 people were killed when riots broke out between pro russian and pro kiev protesters, moef died after being trapped in a burning building. now there were reports of more fierce fighting to day in the eastern part of the country. the one piece of good news here is that pro russian insurgents in eastern ukraine released the seven military observers and five ukrainian assistants who had been held captain ive for a week. all this comes as president obama and the german chancellor held a meeting on friday and issued a stern warning to moscow. they would move forward with sector sectoral sanctions which are the sanctions against broad sectors of russia's economy if they interfere with the may 25th electi
Al Jazeera America
May 3, 2014 7:00am EDT
. max im, good morning to you. odessa has been pro-russia, why are things coming to a head now? is this in response to conflicts elsewhere or have things always been this tense? >> what we see now is two hot spots in ukraine. eastern ukraine with an anti-terrorist operation that is being pursued in the east with an active battle going on on the outskirts of slovyansk. of course, top attention right now is on odessa, with that horrific day yesterday when we saw the deadly clashes. the death toll continues to climb, and right now we know of 46 dead. but a lot of injured people are still being treated in hospitals. >> max im, you mentioned the active battle happening in odessa and the conflicts. where is the conflict headed and what message does it send to other areas of ukraine. >> i think right now russia is trying actively to pursue the scenario to stablilize the situation in eastern ukraine. despite the public talks and statements from russian foreign minister or officials. what we have on the ground is that rush job operators are working there and the main goal is to get the
May 2, 2014 3:00am PDT
this morning that u.s. sanctions over ukraine are having a limited impact on russia as vladimir putin demand troops withdraw from part of the country. the russian ruble and stock market are actually stronger now than they were before the first wave of u.s. sanctions were announced. >> that's not really the idea. >> meanwhile, an operation is underway in eastern ukraine to reclaim the city controlled by pro-russian militants. gunfire and explosions could be heard as ukrainian forces claim they regained control of at least nine check points. the militants shot down two military helicopters. at least three people have been killed including a ukrainian pilot. separatists loyal to moscow are building barricades in an attempt to keep ukrainian forces away. it has been a violent week in the region with pro-russian militants seizing control of government buildings. yesterday the men overpowered to storm a building. they are fighting. >> they are fighting. you know it's not a good sign when vladimir putin tells you to withdraw troops from your own country. and the sanctions are having unfortunately l
May 1, 2014 10:00am EDT
% aimed at russia. all the other participants in this program are the very countries that russia threatens right now. particularly ukraine which is the second largest participant. i think it would be a really bad signal for this country to actually cut programs that are supportive of democracy in the areas immediately around russia. frankly i think more or less plays into putin's hand. beyond that we have a unique institution, unique arrangement and unique person heading it at the library of congress, who is probably the country's -- is the country's, probably the world's foremost expert on russian history and culture and literature. this has been well placed as long as he's been the librarian and well used. again i appreciate my friend's motives, but i would urge the rejection of the amendment. with that i would like to yield the remainder of the time that i have to my good friend, the gentleman from virginia. the chair: the gentleman from virginia is recognized. >> coy not agree mr. moran: i cannot agree more with my friend from oklahoma, the chair of this subcommittee. and the idea that
May 1, 2014 9:00am EDT
on foreign policy. the new sanctions on russia, do you have any indication that they are having an effect. >> it's too soon to tell, but the president has been very deliberate, very measured. we've had a lot of engagement with our business community here, engaging their reaction to our sanctions and so far we have had their full support as well as, of course, importantly the support of our allies in the g- 7. >> want to ask you about an issue that has gripped america this week the nba scandal. do you think a $2.5 million fine and bap for life for donald sterling is punishment enough for what he said? >> well look, we support his decision. it's up to the nba and adam silver did a swift and thorough investigation and he reached a conclusion and we support his conclusion. >> do you think your fellow chicagoan oprah winfrey should bid for the clippers? >> i heard about that. i was excited to hear she was interested. seems to be a lot of buzz going on about that. >> sounds like you support the idea of him no longer owning the team though. >> i support the decision of adam silverman. i think wh
May 1, 2014 8:00am EDT
about russia as well. president obama, of course, has been talking and he's got angela merkel a washington trying to figure out how to impose steeper sanctions on ukraine and russia. he has asked that u.s. ceo's not attend the st. petersburg former -- form. say she will attend anyway? >> i asked executives and she said indra nooyi's schedule is in flux. she is on the schedule to attend but they said no schedule has been finalized, that it is still in flux at this moment. olivia, thank you so much for covering for me there at new york headquarters. but does it for today in the program but our insight pepsico special continues all day long, including an in-depth look at the company's associate media strategy and the high-tech bush to connect to a new generation of younger consumers ♪. >> it is 56 past the hour, meaning bloomberg television is on the market. i'm julie hyman. let's look at the big stock stories we have been watching, to see how the stocks are moving. ford, the company officially announcing this morning that mark fields will take over from alan mulally when he re
May 1, 2014 7:00am EDT
-- that russia has taken kiev for sea power - natural resources of the sea. as an american, what are we lacking in terms of natural resources? guest: i don't understand the premise of the question. as far as natural resources, the united states is not lacking anything. we have the potential to almost be self-sufficient in resources. the economy is growing today primarily because of energy development on state and private lands. if we were to actually use energy resources on public lands, we could sustain that growth and not have a roller coaster of boom and bust. we have the resources in the united states. areust need to make sure we developing those resources in every form, not just carbon-based fuels. host: here are a couple of tweets -- guest: amen. and there are some perfect examples. we have an area outside of utah which was blm land that they did easter break,one and almost broke into her right down a. finally, they contracted with the county to manage that area in the county now manages it and maximize profit and is one of the premier recreation areas we have in the state of utah if not
Al Jazeera America
May 1, 2014 5:00am EDT
flexibility in funneling oil to refineries will be to pay the top dollar. >>> how the sanctions on russia could end up hurting america's own space program, and the fight to give millions of americans a rise. that's "real money." >> our current system has gone very far awry... >> there's huge pressure on the police to arrest and find somebody guilty >> i think the system is going to fail a lot of other people. >> you convicted the wrong person >> i find that extraordinarily disappointing... >> to keep me from going to jail, i needed to cooperate. >> somebody can push you in a death chamber >> it's not a joke >> the system with joe beringer >> now inroducing, the new al jazeea america mobile news app. get our exclusive in depth, reporting when you want it. a global perspective wherever you are. the major headlines in context. mashable says... you'll never miss the latest news >> they will continue looking for suvivors... >> the potential for energy production is huge... >> no noise, no clutter, just real reporting. the new al jazeera america mobile app, available for your apple and android
Al Jazeera America
Apr 30, 2014 7:00pm EDT
dollar. >>> how the sanctions on russia could end up hurting america's own space program, and the fight to give millions of americans a rise. that's "real money." >> space may be the final frontier, but it also may be the conflict between united states and russia. look at the response to the latest u.s. sanctions in the crisis of ukraine. ouch. here's the thing. right now the only way for nasa to get to the international space station is on a russian spacecraft. some worry that russia will deny access on the spacecraft and worse, not bring back the american astronauts already on board. you have a lot of families and friends in this industry. do you believe it's a real possibility the russians would say we're not going to transport your astronauts any more. >> i think charlie bolden said it directly. the space relationship between the united states and russia has survived a lot of other political up heavals, statistically the answer is no, they wouldn't do that, but russia has surprised us a lot, especially here in the last couple of months. i think it is a very real possibility, but but
Al Jazeera America
Apr 30, 2014 6:00pm EDT
a message to russia. we have more from eastern ukraine. >> firmly in the hans of the pro russian protesters who now occupy the police, security and regional government buildings, an embarrassment for the interim government who has been promis promising to strike back with a terror company that never really happened. now he points a finger at its own police forces. >> security service in these regions, first of all in the regions unable to fulfill it's duties to protect it's citizens. they are hopeless in these issues. furthermore some of these you wants assessed or are in cooperation with terrorist groups. >> reporter: the interim government's failure to retake buildings seems to only embolden pro russian militants. for many here the defense units. >> it's clear that these are organized people and organized groups they gather people and these buildings are just handed to them. >> reporter: police have been unable or unwilling to stop them. they're often seen standing around the barricades while protesters vow to bring down the government they belong to. some have lamented that kiev is not p
Apr 30, 2014 7:00am EDT
there is no way to stop the unrest in two eastern regions bordering russia. he says police and security pless," and are in some cases cooperating with pro-russian government who have seized buildings and taking people hostage. vice president joe biden reassure the prime minister of ofvia that in the face russian assertiveness in ukraine the united states is committed to the collective defense of nato allies. mr. biden met with latvian prime minister at the white house yesterday and today the vice president speaks at the atlantic council on the situation in ukraine. here the remarks later today on c-span radio. those are some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. everybody says how do you think these women came from such a very low part of the world? so victorian era is stratified. there was the very rich and the middle class and then the real robber baron achievers. the life and times of these women is the most buccaneer time you can think of. after the civil war. finances were becoming major, yet rockefeller, jim fest, all of the robber barons were making a lot of money. i think it was e
Apr 30, 2014 2:00am PDT
of explaining what the u.s. interest is in the area. >> speaking of russia, its deputy prime minister responded to sanctions that the u.s. should suggest reaching space by a trampoline. it's not funny when you consider nasa is dependent on astronauts to get to space. is this gop chess game about to get pretty ugly? >> well, yes and no. the russian official who said it is one who was sanctioned by the government. and where we tried to free the fortunes of different russians to pressure russia you know in the wake of the ukraine situation. so, i don't know if it will backfire as much as this russian hoax, but it certainly shows that the sanctions are hitting a nerve. >> all right, lynn sweet. as always, thanks for joining us. >>> coming up, bill karins and richard lui are back for our "first buzz" and we're talking about prince harry's new found freedom. >>> and there she blows. or that's the song that new sweden residents are worried about. stick around. we'll explain. okay ladies, whenever you're ready. thank you. thank you. i got this. oh, no, i'll get it! let me get it. uh-uh-uh. i don't want
Apr 30, 2014 3:00am EDT
the right folks. there are not many folks who run russia. they are all friends of the leader there, the president. going after those folks is a great start. it lets the russian leaders know that there is a penalty to them. also, i think the experience of crimea who might have been a great national thing for russia to do, but so far it has been a disaster for premiums and crimean russians as well where things are hardly run down there right now as a result. there may be a self limiting factor of how the leaders in russia see the rest of the eastern ukraine based on the crimean experience. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. this immense opportunity to talk about this. but of bin. just getting of an airplane and hobbling all over town. they're is a lot to worry about faugh. polls show that americans are increasingly concerned about u.s. foreign policy, what they perceive as growing numbers of challenges and threats, not necessarily in what they perceived but what is coming out of washington. they're out there saying we have a lot of challenges. of these concerns justified.. at
Apr 30, 2014 12:00am EDT
polled by u.s.a. today said, sanction russia but don't arm ukraine. >> guest: i disagree. satisfactions will never work but a we'll never have a unified regime of sanctions that doesn't hurt. you need sanctions in an -- in types of countries that can't bite back. the sanctions work go in north korea. potentially iran. much more difficult in a -- against economy as large as russia where there's so many inner dependencies. nobody is calling for u.s. or nato come bad troops on the ground to engage, but we're talking about providing defensive weaponry, antitank weapons, to change's putin's cal can includes, that he doesn't mass a full-fledge invasion. give the ukrainian people a chance to stabilize their government, stabilize their country. >> host: i also want to ask you about what secretary of state john kerry says about the middle east peace progress. your colleague, senator ted cruz, said that kerry should step down for saying that israel risks an apartheid state. >> guest: the comment was obvious unfortunate is probably the best word to put on it. what it also does, basically betrays a
Apr 29, 2014 4:00pm EDT
from russia and venezuela and you go down the list. what's at stake here is that the people who object to this pipeline -- i don't doubt their sincerity -- they would not allow us to buy oil from anybody or explore for oil here at home. the people objecting to this pipeline do not have an all-the-the-above approach when it comes to emergency energy f. you left it up to them -- energy. if you left it up to them we'd be doing windmills, solar, no nuclear power. so the president of the united states has turned this issue over to the most extreme people in the country when it comes to politics. they're trumping the unions. they're trumping the speaker, the former presiding officer. they are locking down developing an energy source that we need as a nation, and i just really regret that the president's let them take over this issue at a time when we need more oil from friendly people and less oil from people who hate our guts. dirty oil to me is buying oil from people who will take the proceeds and share it with terrorists. this oil content from canada is slightly greater in carbon content
FOX News
Apr 29, 2014 3:00am PDT
is weaker. everybody knows it. china is only the move. russia is on the move. and the middle east, all these dreams that we had of an arab spring turned out to crush religious minorities, crush christians, still have the textbooks in muslim countries that say jews are pigs and are defiling the world. so that's all continuing under the obama administration. so we're weaker and that's my real concern. one comment, it's a stupid and horrible comment, but the policies are the problem. >> i think it's so true because you can't debate a policy if there is no one to debate. we've taken our hands off the wheel. what do you think, mom? >> right. that goes right to hillary, too. >> let's talk about domestic politics and a woman that a lot of people are saying is a liberal's liberal. the senator out of massachusetts, senator elizabeth warren. her book has become a best seller because she's taken on the rich, on the capitalism. she says it's rigged. she says it and said it also on the daley show. >> that's what's fundamentally changed. it's tough out there. it really is a rigged game and it's set
Apr 29, 2014 1:00am PDT
street keeping a close eye on today relations between the united states and russia after the white house ramped up economic sanctions against individuals and entities licensed to export to russia. john harwood joins us from washington with more on the sanctions and russia's response. john, are these new sanctions, the big sanctions on whole sectors of the russian economy that some have expected or more of a little slap here and a nugy from? >> reporter: it's an increasing number of nugies before they get to the large scale transactions. treasure secretary explained to mitch mitch today what the rationale is behind the administration's approach. >> these are very important sanctions. they are sanctions that will get their attention. i think our goal is to move in a systematic way, careful way, a way that gives them a chance to change their policy and take a different course. our goal here is obviously not to hurt the russian people, it's to get them to change their policy. >> reporter: give them a chance to change the policy. that's the off-ramp that president obama and secretary of state
Apr 28, 2014 2:00pm EDT
with russia. this highly exaggerated cost was assessed and report that is close to the public. constituents living in aiken and barnwell counties deserve to know the truth. i am glad they filed a freedom of information act request in pursuit of the cost analysis. we should be working together for environmental cleanup, for nonproliferation compliance and to support the savannah river site and its vital mission with dedicated employees. in conclusion, god bless our troops and we will never forget september 11 and the global war on terrorism. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentlelady from florida, ms. frankel, seek recognition? ms. frankel: i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute and to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized for one minute. ms. frankel: mr. speaker, today on holocaust remembrance today, we solemnly reflect on the six million jews who were system @ically murdered by a mad man, known as hitler, and his nazi followers. we remember the children torn from the arms of their parents and they marche
FOX News
Apr 28, 2014 10:00am PDT
it live for ow fox >> and what is going on in ukraine and russia and the impact of eastern europe affects our stock market. and look at the big board this morning and stocks are up slightly. and fox business network iswith today. >> absolutely gena. in the back drop. sanctions and u.s. posing new sanctions against russia and targeting 17 companies linked to vladimar putin and 45 people and 19 firms and european union hitting 15 more individuals and the question is, is it making a difference. on friday standard and poors cut russia's credit rating. people are pulling money out of russia to the tune of 17 billion. if they hit entire sectors of the economy tcould hurt not only russia but all of europe. but back here in the u.s., we started out strong out the of the gate and dow up 19 points and nasdaq slipping in the red and lost the social media stocks. and facebook and net books and linked in. they are having a tough goal. we told you we have a fed meeting on wednesday. we'll so another pull back in that tapper to 45 billion and on friday, we get april jobs. and investors lo
Apr 28, 2014 7:00am EDT
advocating that we begin hitting a breeze within russia to further destabilize the economy. their goal, russia's goal, inside the ukraine, is to destabilize the country and delegitimize elections that taking place on may 25. over time, he can achieve his goals without actually sending troops in. he has little green men, black , fomenting inside ukraine. people are not yet with putin. it is amazing. the only information that people are getting is from russia. it is only russian speaking news that is occurring. over time, continuing to do it is doing, he can do without actually sending people in. again, i think we need to put sectoral sanctions in place. i think we need to move those troops away from the border am a change behavior, and i am very concerned that as we have seen from this administration and some a tough issues, their policy is always late. after the point in time and we could've made a difference in the outcomes. senator bob corker speaking over the weekend. says the united states will levy new sanctions monday on russian individuals and companies in retaliation for moscow
FOX Business
Apr 27, 2014 11:00pm EDT
. iranian officials pressing their case in front of a un committee that includes cuba, china, and russia. joining us now fox news contributor john bolton. good to have you here. press as they will, you know, it's kind ofr hard to get to the united nations without being on u.s. territory. so i can't wait to hear from this committee. how about you? >> right. well, i think this committee which is the committee on relations with the host country namely us is going to punt on this. i think iran took the matter there. i think they wanted to pound their trust. i don't think the obama administration has necessarily denied the visa request. i think they may just not act on it one way or the other. that way they can say to iran it's not us. >> are you suggesting the obama mrs is voting present on the issue? >> i would be the last person to suggest that, lou. absolutely not. look, iran. this is a win/win for iran. they're going to come back to obama saying you owe one on the nuclear demonstration and the administration will give them something. >> let's turn to yemen. the 65 al qaeda terrorists on
FOX News
Apr 27, 2014 3:00pm PDT
european allies say they're ready to impose new sanctions on russia. we'll talk with our sunday group when we come back. it says here that a won's sex drive increases at the age of 80. helps reduce the risk of heart disse. keep hrt-healthy. live long. eat the 100% goodness of post shreddedheat. doctorrecommend it. he thought it was the endn for his dof the conversation.d... she didn't tell him that her college expenses were going up. or that she maxed out her card during spring break. when the satellite provider checked his credit, he found out his daughter didn't pay her bills. but he's not worried. now he checks his credit report and score at, allowing him to keep track of his credit and take a break of his own. experian. live credit confident. i've got a to-do list and five acres of fresh air. ♪ top three tools -- hammer, screwdriver, front loader. happiness is a drive-over mower deck. a john deere dealer can teach tractors to anybody. [ don ] in the right hands, an imatch quick-hitch could probably cure most of the world's problems. [ male announcer ] that's how we run,
FOX News
Apr 27, 2014 12:00pm PDT
biden head oversees seas tory assure anxious allies. can they account on china and russia as they ratchet up the threats? welcome to "the journal editorial report." i'm paul gigot. the supreme court on tuesday upheld a 2006 michigan voter referendum banning racial preferences in admissions to its public university. preserving the status quo in that state and seven others that have ended affirmative action since 1996. the 6-2 decision produced five different opinions including a 58-page decent by justice soto mayor who compared michigan's reference dumb to jim crow laws in the south and writing that a majority of the michigan electorate changed the basic rules of the political process in that state in a matter that uniquely disadvantaged racial minorities. the political diary editor, jason riley, and senior editorial writer, collin leavy. colin, you wrote about this for us. the opinion was splintered with a lot of different points of view, what should be the main takeaway from the opinion? >> right, paul, the main takeaway is that the justices got to the right answer but th
FOX News
Apr 27, 2014 10:00am PDT
. this as growing concerns over whether russia will continue to defy the international community and move ahead with its own troops. let's go now to ukraine where leland vister is standing by wih more. >> reporter: uma, just in the past few minutes we have learned from the pro-russian stronghold that one of those international observers was released on medical grounds. we're not sure exactly what the circumstances were, but there's a spokeswoman for the pro-russian militia that says none of the other observers are going anywhere. today they were paraded out in front of the media at a press conference of sorts. the leader of that pro-russian separatist militia called them, quote, prisoners of war, and was holding them and wanted to exchange them for some of his supporters being held by the ukrainian government in kiev. so far no deal on that front. the russian foreign minister has said that he plans to try and help get these guys released. once again though it appears the russians promises have not been made good on as this has been status quo as this crisis continues. day three right now of the
Apr 27, 2014 10:00am PDT
on russia. we'll have a live report and talk with our sunday group whether we come right back. [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts, ♪ 800,000 hours of supercomputing time, 3 million lines of code, 40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems. at boeing, one thing never changes. our passion to make it real. ♪ but i didn't always watch out for myself. with so much noise about health care, i tuned it all out. with unitedhealthcare, i get information that matters... my individual health profile, not random statistics. they even reward me for addressing my health risks. so i'm doing fine... but she's still gonna give me a heart attack. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. >>> the u.s. and european union are talking about imposing new sanctions on russia as soon as tomorrow because of the failure to deescalate the situation in ukraine. for the latest, we bring in fox news correspondent leiland vitter. >> the preside
Apr 27, 2014 8:00am PDT
, president obama had to deal with the escalating conflict in russia at every turn. >> with respect to russia and ukraine, uniformly condemning russia's actions. >> reporter: it's the country he once banked on building closer ties to. remember this moment? >> after my election, i have more flexibility. >> reporter: but now, obama finds relations with vladimir putin at a new low. he prepares to slap a new rounds of sanctions early to come next month. >> did you misjudge him or did he mislead you, and at this point, isn't it clear that sanctions simply are not going to change his behavior? >> president putin is not a stupid man and i think recently acknowledged that this has already had an impact. >> but you acknowledge that sanctions won't change his behavior? >> jon, i think that's self-apparent. i think that -- there are no guarantees in life. generally. and certainly, no guarantees in foreign policy. >> reporter: the only sure thing in ukraine has been more conflict. just this week, pro-russian forces in the east went so far as to detain eight international observers. abc's muhammad lila. s
Apr 27, 2014 5:00am PDT
on a global level. the league has owners from russia. president obama is in malaysia. they have an owner from sou east asia, india. they look at our culture and race differently. it can impact business, period. this needs to be handled and dealt with permanently. >> two quick thoughts if i may. i think this part is encouraging. i'm not being naive. i'm not saying donald sterling is the only person who holds these views ta may come out in an unguarded moment. more and more people like donald sterling are outliers. it's not just african-americans in the league it's everyone. i had dinner last night with an nba executive who happens to be white. he's outraged and concerned about this. people are appalled. people within the league are appalled. the nba has been a progressive league. virtually even involve had had this the league wants to put this behind them and thought it was behind them and has no place in the nba. i would slightly disagree with charles that while the nba players may have no direct power they have the power of influencing public opinion. perhaps post playoffs or after the clipp
Al Jazeera America
Apr 27, 2014 7:00am EDT
to release the o.s.c.e. delegation, at least the foreigners. >> president obama said that russia has not lifted a finger to help. economic sanctions should be enough to start a deescalation. >>> south korean prime minister chung hong-won is standing down, taking responsibility for the ferry disaster. the president has accepted the resignation. anger at the government response to the disaster led to the resignati resignation. >> reporter: 11 days, days marked by grief, anger and recrim nation. the prime minister decided to take the fall. >> translation: the right thing to do is take responsibility and resign. on behalf of the government i apologise for many problems, from the prevention of the accident to the early hand lipping of the disaster. >> on the day after it went down south korea's president chut chunk in charge of the effort. supervising the multi-agency response and put him in the firing line. at one point when parents of missing children threw a water bottle and scuffled with him. and again when he stopped the car leaving the island of jindo. relatives were furious about t
Apr 27, 2014 7:00am EDT
kerry, who again said more sanctions are coming down the pike if russia doesn't change its ways. guest: i think the u.s. government should do what he can within reason to try to deter the russian government -- what it can within reason to try to deter the russian government from interfering in the ukraine. there is an ancient lesson of foreign policy. there is such a thing as the balance of power. for country to maintain its independence, particularly if it is next door to a much more powerful nation, it either needs to muster the power itself to maintain its independence on its own or ally itself with others. ukraine is outside the scope of nato. we talked about poland earlier. poland is not. in the cold war, nato established the balance of power that, for decades, drew the line at the berlin wall. now the line has moved east into eastern europe. i don't think the united states has the means or interest perhaps the means, to use our power to establish a balance of power that protect the sovereignty of the ukraine from russia. ukraine needs to develop an ability to protect its own sove
Apr 26, 2014 12:30pm PDT
opposition. >> we have a treaty with japan. ukraine is a friendly nation. crimea is really dealting to russia. these are very different situations. and frankly, if john mccain had been in the white house, we would have been in wars in all of these places. the president kept us out of wars. >> i think mort's point is exactly right. it was an idiotic thing tosh to issue a red line. you aren't going to follow through on it, but there's no doubt, american credibility all over the world and certainly, john, in eastern europe now, the republic and also in poland and romania, they are terrified that the americans are going to do exactly nothing to stop putin if he moves into eastern and southern ukraine. all the way -- >> we can see american forces. that's a big deal. he didn't have to send ground forces. >> 600 troops in four countries. >> i want to hear more about the pivot to asia. okay, why the pivot to asia? >> that's what clyde wants to know. the president of the economics strategy institute and a trade negotiator during the reagan administration. in the financial times this week, he says it's
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Apr 26, 2014 11:00am PDT
biden head overseas in an attempt to reassure anxious allies. can they count on america as russia and china ratchet up the threat? >>> welcome to "the journal editorial report," i'm paul gigot. the supreme court upheld a referendum banning racial preferences in admissions to the public university, preserving the status quo in that state and seven otherses that have ended affirmative action. the decision produced five different opinions, including a 58-page dissent by justice sonia sotomayor who compared michigan's referendum to jim crow laws in the south, calling it, quote, the last chapter of discrimination. and writing that a majority of the michigan electorate changed the basic rules of the political process in that state in a manner that uniquely disadvantaged racial minorities. for more, i'm joined by "wall street journal" columnist, dan henninger, jason reilly and colin levi. colin, you wrote about this for us. the opinion was really splintered. a lot of opinions, different points of view. what should our viewers -- what should be the main takeaway from the opinion? >> right
Apr 26, 2014 10:50am EDT
's lecture made little or made no impression on putin or his apparent appetite for crimea. russia is, in fact, a second rate power and could have easily been dissuaded from this adventure. but because barack obama is such an embarrassingly weak with leader and untrustworthy ally, putin was able to laugh in his face, mass 100,000 troops on the ukrainian border and prepare to swallow ukraine itself. leader of the free world today is a man who does not believe in the free world. or in america's role as its head. [applause] in the five years since the norwegian committee gave him a nobel prize for nothing, obama's policies of weakness and appeasement have made the world far more dangerous place than it has been since the end of the cold war and probably its beginning. from his first day in office, obama made it clear that he regards america as having wronged its adversaries, and its adversaries as having grievances that are justified; a view suspiciously or perilously close to putin's own. by now it should be apparent that america's president is a determined enabler of america's enemies and equal
Apr 26, 2014 7:00am EDT
that the government, perhaps europe, would put on. russia is not fulfilling their part of that bargain. host: i want to get to what those sanctions may be. do headlines like this concern you? this is from "the financial times." the editorial board writes -- guest: it is sad but i think it is true. there were russian jets that violated ukrainian airspace. large columns of armories and tanks are moving inside of russia, very much toward the ukrainian border. it is looking much more menacing. ukrainian governments have said they are expecting this may not go in a direction we are all going to be happy to see. what further sanctions could change things here? guest: i think whether or not sanctions can change things has very much to do with what sanctions are. . i'm not sure it is going to do very much, we have already tried that, and we have already seen results. what we have seen are the encouraging symbols of their peripheral signals. we have seen and massive amount of capital slight from russia. moore capital slight dent in the entire period of last year. it is not changing the actions of the russian
Apr 25, 2014 6:00pm PDT
military moves prompted a new blast today from russia's foreign minister, sergei lavrov in moscow. >> ( translated ): some 160 tanks and some 250 armored personnel carriers and other heavy military hardware, are waging a war with their own people. this is a bloody crime, and those who pushed the army to do that will pay, i am sure, and >> woodruff: russian forces were on the move, as well, in maneuvers. ukrainian officials claimed they had come within 1,100 yards of the border. and acting prime minister arseny yatsenyuk sounded an alarm. >> ( translated ): military aggression by russia on ukraine's territory will lead to military conflict in europe. the world has not yet forgotten world war ii, but russia already wants to start world war iii. >> woodruff: last night, secretary of state john kerry had accused moscow of fomenting trouble in ukraine, in direct violation of last week's agreement in geneva. >> if russia continues in this direction, it will not just be grave mistake, it will be an expensive mistake >> woodruff: but russia's lavrov rejected the criticism today. he insist
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